Steve Harvey Tells Mark Curry to “Get A Life,” Says He Doesn’t “Know Anything” About Lori Harvey and Future

Paparazzi caught up with Steve Harvey walking down Rodeo Drive and asked him about his daughter Lori Harvey’s rumored boyfriend, Future, as well as Mark Curry’s claims that he steals his jokes.

According to the Hollywood Fix clip, Harvey was laid back and talkative when the paps asked him about fellow comedian George Lopez’s latest controversial Trump joke.

But when paps asked about whether the talk show host approved of stepdaughter Lori’s love life with Future, the comedian told them he “didn’t know anything about it.”

Harvey was more open to discuss claims made by comedian and former star of “Hanging with Mr. Cooper” Mark Curry has accused Harvey of stealing his material.

Harvey told the photographers that he was getting sick of Curry’s claims and advised that Curry needs to “grow up.”⠀

“Steve Harvey hasn’t been on stage since 2015 ask him what jokes he’s talking about,” Harvey told the cameraman.

“Get a life, get a career,” he quipped.

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