Steve Kerr Weighs In On LaVar Ball Amid His Comments on Lakers’ Coach Luke Walton: “He’s Become Like The Kardashian Of The NBA”

As LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand continue to claim headlines, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has drawn an interesting comparison between sports’ most talked about family and one of Hollywood’s most controversial families – the Kardashians.

According to reports, following Ball’s criticisms about the Lakers’ coaching staff, where he claimed the team no longer wants to play for coach Luke Walton, an irritated Kerr weighed in.

“Somewhere, I guess in Lithuania, LaVar Ball is laughing at all of us. People are eating out of his hands for no apparent reason, other than he’s become like the Kardashian of the NBA or something,” Kerr said of Ball. “And that sells, and that’s what’s true in politics and entertainment and now in sports. It doesn’t matter if there’s any substance involved with an issue, it’s just can we make it really interesting for no apparent reason? There is nothing interesting about that story.”
“I feel horrible for Luke, that’s my guy, he’s one of my best friends,” Kerr said, referencing Ball’s comments about Walton’s lack of control. “He shouldn’t have to deal with this. But to me, one of the things about the NBA is it’s always been a haven from the parents. The guys who coach high school are the ones who really have to deal with the parents. I’ve never had to talk to a parent who was upset about playing time.
“I’m sure there are plenty out there but they don’t have a voice in the NBA. But for whatever reason we’re giving this guy a voice and Luke’s got to deal with it, and it’s a shame. He’s handling it great. He’s doing all he can. It’s just part of his gig, unfortunately.”

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