Stevie J Defends Diddy Against 50 Cent's Criticism (Video) j
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Stevie J Defends Diddy Against 50 Cent’s Criticism (Video)

In a recent appearance on “TMZ Live,” Stevie J came out swinging in defense of his long-time friend Diddy, countering the ongoing trolling and criticism from 50 Cent. Stevie J accused 50 Cent of attempting to undermine the Black community, going as far as to label him an “Uncle Tom” for spreading what he considers to be harmful propaganda and falsehoods about Diddy.

Stevie J, a veteran producer associated with Bad Boy Records, passionately declared his unwavering loyalty to Diddy. Despite the federal investigations surrounding Diddy, Stevie J assured that Diddy remains in high spirits and emphasized his confidence in Diddy’s character after a friendship spanning 29 years.

Sharing a firsthand account of the federal raids, Stevie J revealed he was present at Diddy’s Miami home when federal agents executed their search. Describing the scene, he recounted how agents entered the home aggressively, aimed their weapons at him, and briefly handcuffed him while conducting the search, ultimately leaving with only a single bag of potential evidence.

The impact of the raids was deeply personal for Diddy, Stevie J noted, especially the distressing moment when Diddy’s sons, Justin and King, were removed from their Los Angeles home at gunpoint by federal agents. In the aftermath, Diddy has been focusing on family, spending valuable time with his daughters and mother.

Amid various lawsuits and allegations against Diddy, Stevie J stands by his friend, reminding critics, including 50 Cent, that Diddy has neither been arrested nor charged with any crime. He expressed his firm belief that Diddy will ultimately prevail over the challenges he currently faces.

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