Stimulus Checks: Are They Coming Or Not? Legislators Propose Different Plans As Americans Call For Monthly Payments

The next stimulus checks are on their way, we think. Some people will receive $1,200, $600 or nothing at all, CBS News reports. No decision has been made just yet.  

The holidays are coming and legislators are reportedly scrambling to come together to pass another coronavirus relief bill as millions have been sent home from their jobs to help avoid the spread of the disease. The $908 billion bipartisan proposal would focus on giving jobless workers an additional $300 in weekly unemployment aid without distributing stimulus payments. 

Back on December 8, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also proposed a $916 billion package that would give $600 stimulus checks out per person, but it would pull funding from unemployment aid, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

However, Bernie Sanders and few others are demanding that Americans be given the same relief bill deal which includes the distribution of $1,200 checks to low-and-middle-income families, CBS News reports. “If Congress can afford to give giant subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and a $1 trillion tax break to the top 1%, then we can afford $1200 direct payments to every working-class adult in America,” Sanders wrote on Twitter on December 8.

But just a one-time payment isn’t going to cut it many Americans say, calling for monthly $1,200 checks until the end of the pandemic. “As we near the end of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. And so do the economic consequences,” wrote Denver, Colorado, restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin in a petition calling for Congress to provide people with $2,000 a month, CBS reports. “My small business is suffering and my family is afraid – and I know I’m not alone.” The petition has received nearly 2 million signatures.

As communities around the country struggle to pay bills, experts and officials say a deal may not be struck until the end of the week. “We expect all sides will continue to negotiate and make offers, but investors should not expect a final deal (if one is reached) until the end of the week,” said Height Securities analyst Hunter Hammond.



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