Stood Up? By: @milagreee

Lets talk about the dreamer. By dreamer I mean the man who feeds you dreams that he has no intention of fufilling. For example, you make a date, you’re ready and you take all the time possible to prep for this date. There are two types of cowards in this sense. The kind of coward that decides he’s going to make so sort of excuse instead of letting you know that he has no interest in taking you or spending time with you. I know that it takes a lot to let people know the truth, especially with dating. It is easier to tell a lie. But these two cowards, one who makes up a lie, and one who doesnt have enough respect to even let you know that he has no intentions of meeting up with you are both pathetic. One is definatly more pathetic than the other because nothing stings more than being stood up, especially when you’re already dressed and ready to go. The man that cancels prior, earns a little more respect in my eyes but not much.

Think of it this way, what does a man have if not his word? Without his word he is nothing. If he promises to do something and then decides that he no longer wants to do this, this is a man that you can not trust. It is foreshadowing exactly the type of BOY he is.

I know you’re first inkling is to blame you self and wonder what the hell you did wrong in order to deserve such foul treatment from a man who seemed interested. There are plenty of explanations as to why this man did what he did. One could be that he found something else better to do to occupy his time, one could be that he just didnt feel like it but the fact of the matter is that standing you up is a blatent form of disrespect.

This man did you a favor by standing you up, no matter how much it hurts. This man is no good for you and he set a precedent by standing you up. He isnt worth your time, or effort. The best thing that you can do in this scenario is move on. There is no reason on your part for a real man to pull this kind of disgusting gesture. What you need to do is find someone who values you and would never stand you up. He’d be waiting downstairs waiting for you. Thats what you deserve.  

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