Seven Strangers Cover Woman’s Legal Fees After She Was Jailed Over $31 Worth Of Weed

Strangers came to help an Oklahoma mother who was sentenced to prison over $30 worth of weed.

Back in 2011, Patricia Spottedcrow was sentenced to 12 years in prison over $31 worth of marijuana. When news broke, her story sent Americans into national outrage, prompting Governor Mary Fallin to sign off on her early release.

Following her release, Spottedcrow was still in debt with court fees that had risen to $3,569.76. The woman, a mother of six children, had recently lost her husband, which led her to fall behind in payments. Because she couldn’t pay back the money, she was arrested and placed in jail over the weekend for a bench warrant. “Just this whole ordeal and process is exhausting,” Spottedcrow told the local NBC-affiliate.

Patricia Spottedcrow
Patricia Spottedcrow

Spottedcrow’s arrest went viral again following reports from journalist #AliMeyer. Meyer reported that seven strangers covered the mother’s remaining outstanding balance. “Thank you,” Spottedcrow said, following her release. “Thank you to everyone. I don’t know how I was going to do it.”

Patricia Spottedcrow Arrested

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