Washington University Student Removes 9/11 Flags From Memorial to Protest Against U.S. Intervention and Islamophobia

A student says they are protesting against Islamophobia and U.S. military intervention by removing 9/11 flags from a college memorial.

A student at Washington University named Fadel Alkilani has been accused of removing American flags from a September 11 display. Footage showed Alkilani taking the flags and placing them in garbage bags. According to the college’s newspaper, the student’s actions were his way of protesting against Islamophobia and U.S. military interventions. The memorial is located Mudd Field at the university in St. Louis, Missouri.

Yahoo! News reports the student removed 2,977 flags, which were placed there to honor the lives of those lost during the Twin Tower attacks. Alkilani is the vice president of finance for the student union at the college. In a statement, the school said it was “disappointed” in Alkilani’s actions.

“We condemn the interference with the expression of support by the College Republicans for the victims of the national tragedy that took place 20 years ago today,” read the statement.

In his own statement, Alkilani wrote, “Any memorial of 9/11 that does not contend with these facts is not only incomplete, but it also amplifies pro-imperialist sentiment and actively disrespects those who have died because of American Invasion.”

He continued: “On the sides of the bags, some writing may be visible, but the full statement was not outlined at the time of the video. I did not deface, destroy, damage, nor steal any flags, nor did I interfere with any registered event time. I assert that I did not violate any University Code of Conduct policy, though the conduct process is undergoing.”

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