Thousands Of Students, Staff, & Athletes Social Security Numbers Stolen In UCF Data Breach

Officials disclosed Thursday morning that a data breach at the University of Central Florida has resulted in the theft of the names and social security numbers of around 63,000 current and former students. An investigation also revealed that a number of employees of the university were also hacked. 

UCF initially found out about the breach on January 8th, but officials did not realize that the breach affected a large amount of people until days later. According to Joel Hartman, the school waited to release the findings until Thursday because the investigation was just being concluded by law enforcement officials and a national forensics firm. 

No student or staffer affected has been notified as of yet, and the school says it plans to do so via letters intended to go out on Friday.  

According to records, among the 63,000 affected were roughly 600 current and former student-athletes. Records also show that the employees affected date as far back as the 1980’s. 

A call-center has reportedly been set up, along with a website, where students can receive necessary information regarding the situation. It is also reported that any person affected by the breach will be subjected to one year of free credit monitoring services and identity protection care. 

According to Hartman, the school is taking strides to secure their database from this point forward. “We have taking significant means to protect the data we have,” Hartman said. “The fact someone is able to get access to to it is a great concern to us.” 

Officials have not yet discovered who is responsible for the initial data breach. 

Sources: Orlando Sentinel

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