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New Study Shows Vibrators May Be Good For Women’s Health

A new study shows sex toys for women, specifically vibrators, may be good for women’s health. 

This past Friday, Dr. Alexandra Dubinskaya of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center and a group of her colleagues presented results that came from an investigation that analyzed the impact of vibrators being used on function, pelvic floor dysfunction and vulvar pain. During the study, which Dubinskaya led, researchers found that vibrators may be beneficial to women’s health. 

Newsweek reports the presentation took place at the American Urological Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

“As a urogynecologist, I spend my time discussing with women their genital and sexual health,” Dubinskaya told Newsweek. “It is often shared that no medical professional ever spoke to them about their sex life, nor their solo sexual experiences.”

She continued:” There is a stigma associated with masturbation and vibrators. At the same time, the concept of ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ is well understood and applied to other parts of the body.”

“However, this concept has not been applied to the pelvic floor, genitourinary, or sexual health. I wanted to learn more information on this topic, thus created the literature review,” said Dubinskaya.

Out of the 558 articles the researchers looked over, 21 papers directly gave them information about what they wanted to study. The documents didn’t have many details about sexual functions and pelvic floor health. Still, some showed there was an “overall positive attitude” towards vibrator use among women. Additionally, there were details about how physicians may be considering prescribing vibrators to women as a form of treatment. 

“I was glad to find that there are studies on this topic,” Dubinskaya said, per Newsweek. “I am not surprised by the findings. It is my belief that there are many other benefits of vibrator use which we are probably unfamiliar with yet.”

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