Stunts & Shows: Draya Has A Sex Tape Coming Out

Not one to not seek attention, Draya Michele is milking these last few moments of Basketball Wives fame by leaking a sex tape. Now, I’m not certain she is personally leaking the tape but she is definitely craving the attention that is coming with it so I wouldn’t be surprised. 


Last night Draya took to her Twitter to warn her followers that a a movie she made may be making it’s way to a website near you:



Now, not to be too technical but it’s hardly a leak if you know it’s coming right? And why would you ask your Twitter followers to toss up a prayer that your Ho Sh-t doesn’t make it’s way to the internet? Excuse me ma’am but we didn’t make the tape. You’re a big girl, you made your bed, lay in it. This is hardly embarrassing since we’ve already seen your tits and vagina all over the net anyway. Now we get to see what that mouth is like! 


Do I think Draya is really a victim in this case? Hardly. I didn’t sympathize with Amber Rose and I don’t sympathize with Draya Michele. When you make these kinds of decisions you live with them. The worst part is that her son who is 8 years old has to live with the fact that his mom is a hoe. 


But whatever it takes girl! Milk that 15 minutes of fame!

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