Styles P Responds to Biggie's Ex-Manager After Trump vs. Biden Comments Spark Controversy
Jacob York and Styles P (IG/Getty)

Styles P Responds to Biggie’s Ex-Manager After Trump vs. Biden Comments Spark Controversy

Styles P has issued a response after being called out by The Notorious B.I.G.‘s former manager over comments he made about Trump v.s. Biden.

The LOX rapper recently sat for an interview with Toure, where he shared that he favored Donald Trump in office instead of Joe Biden. He defended his stance, explaining that he valued Trump’s open racism over what he believed to be Biden’s covert agenda against Black Americans.

“We were in crisis now but — I’d rather you have you tell me you don’t like me and know you don’t like me and you inform me than me have to guess it or you secretly don’t like me but you telling me you don’t like me,” he said.

“I think the government been doing that for ages. I’d rather deal with clear racism — just someone being who they are and letting you know where they come from.”

This prompted Biggie’s former manager, Jacob York, to weigh in on his statement, calling it “disingenuous.”

“Styles is my boy so no disrespect to him. This argument is bullshit,” York said. “At the end of the day, the logic that I would want a racist with his finger on the trigger, then someone who may be racist and I don’t know?

“That’s the craziest shit. It’s like saying I want a gun to my face then maybe there being a possibility that someone drive by and shoot me. Nah, I don’t want either, right?”

He continued, “At the end of the day, a lot of especially Black men that come from the hood in a certain age group are still shell shocked. They hide their misogyny and their bigotry behind this illusion that they’re intellectuals because they succeeded, right?”

Styles caught wind of York’s criticism and took to Instagram Tuesday to address him.

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. I’ve never been called disingenuous,” Styles said. “Normally, the old me would have gotten mad. I didn’t even get mad. That’s how he feel, so I didn’t even choose to get mad.”

“But here’s how I choose to see it: Touré asked me about the presidency. See, Jacob put the video like I choose Trump over Biden. I said I preferred Trump over Biden because I like to deal with my racism straight up.”

He left it off by saying he and York should just agree to disagree.

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