Dating A Baller Can Be Tough For Successful Women


Why are successful women attracted to Ballers? Baller Alert often uses the word Baller to describe successful men of all careers. Whether it’s a Corporate Baller or an actual Athlete. For the sake of this article, we are talking about celebrity men and actual professional athletes.


When it comes to Ballers, it’s not always about the money. Many women who seek to date Ballers are not interested in dating them because they don’t have their own money or because they’re gold diggers. This is a huge misconception in the dating scene. In fact, many woman choose to date these types of men BECAUSE they have their own money. You see, they are accustomed to a certain lifestyle and seek that comparable lifestyle from their partner. They want someone who is equally yoked. They want someone who looks good on paper, looks good on Instagram and looks good at the bank.  This happens very often in the Ballerific dating scene; a career woman is instantly attracted to a Baller because they run in similar circles, they have things in common and his Benz looks great parked next to her BMW.


Here’s the problem with successful women in the dating world; they eventually want to settle down and Ballers move slowly in that department.


Ballers play by a different set of rules than the Average Joe. Ballers live a fast life that often includes lots of women, traveling and parties. Most successful women have spent years building a stable career, that eventually they want to settle down, have children and establish a household. They want someone/something they can come home to after a long day at work. They’ve earned that after the many years they’ve put in.  This point in their life usually happens in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. Ballers in this age group are still partying, enjoying life and aren’t really ready to settle down just yet. In fact, they may find a girl that they’re happy with, someone they love, and can see a future with, but they’ll probably make her a career girlfriend until he nears the end of his professional career.


Then there’s the fact that Ballers don’t normally settle down with the new girl he just met. A vast majority of Ballers tend to marry their high school/college sweetheart. That number is followed by Ballers who marry their baby mama, then Ballers who marry fellow celebrities and then a small percentage actually marry the girl he just met a few years ago. Breaking into the dating scene with Ballers who are already established is rough.


My advice to single and successful women is to date within your means, but don’t limit yourself to just Athletes and Celebrities. There is a world of “Ballers” out there that don’t actually run a ball down a field, dribble one down a court or have millions of followers on Instagram. There are Ballers in the boardroom who are looking to settle down just like you are, you just have to adjust your surroundings and find the right one.

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