Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Paid $20,000 to Have Him Killed


Back in 2016, Suge Knight filed a suit against co-founder of Death Row Records, Dr. Dre, accusing him of hiring a hit man to take him out a few years prior. At the time of the alleged murder for hire plot, Dre had just secured the billion dollar Beats By Dre x Apple deal. However, Knight claims he had a lifetime contract with Dre, which supposedly forced the music producer to cough up $300 million of the deal. In an attempt to skip out on the payment, Knight claimed Dre ordered a $50,000 hit on him, which resulted in the 2014 1Oak shooting of Knight.

Now one year later, Knight is back with similar claims against the superstar record producer. This time, Knight claims Dre paid $20,000 to have him killed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In legal docs obtained by TMZ, Knight claims he was shown a check back in July of 2016 that was made out to a man named Dwayne Johnson. He says the check was made out by Dr. Dre to have Knight killed, the same day the music exec fatally ran over Terry Carter at Tam’s.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Knight claims Johnson also told him and a private investigator that the $20,000 check was partial payment for “Dwayne Johnson to participate in my murder,” the documents state. However, according to TMZ, Knight’s allegations may be a ploy to get himself off the hook, as he claims he had reason to fear for his life when he entered Tam’s parking lot.

As a result, Knight asked a judge to check Dre’s financial records to prove he paid for the hit, however, the judge denied the motion.

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