Suge Knight On The Hook For $3.3 Million In Federal And California State Back Taxes

While Suge Knight sits in jail awaiting trial for murder, Uncle Sam is coming to collect more than $3 million in back taxes.

According to the @blast, the IRS has accused Knight of owing $3.3 million in back taxes for both federal and California state tax.

In docs obtained by the publication, Knight, whose real name is Marion Knight, hadn’t paid between 1997-2000 and 2011-2013. The hip-hop mogul collected $3,284,007.95 in federal back taxes and another $44,559.50 in California state tax, which prompted the massive tax liens. Now, the government wants Knight to pay up, despite his current situation.



Knight is facing life in prison, set to stand trial in the next few months, the blast reports.

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