Suge Knight To Launch Podcast 'Collect Calls With Suge Knight' From Behind Bars
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Suge Knight Ordered To Pay $107 Million Judgment To Former Death Row Investor

Infamous Death Row Records founder Suge Knight may be serving a 28-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, but that did not stop a judge from ordering him to pay a $107 million judgment from 2005.

The cash is to be paid to Lydia Harris, who claims that she was an early investor in Death Row Records but was later cheated out of the 50 percent stake that she was entitled to. Harris also states that at the time, she was the company’s first vice president, but once the label garnered bigger success, she was booted out.

In a peculiar twist, last year, Harris requested that the judgment be voided citing issues with her former lawyers. She claimed that she was used by her former attorneys, who helped her win the case in order to “wrongfully obtain the judgment.” Initially, the judge agreed to void the judgment. However, it was later reinstated at the attorneys’ request. As part of the judgment, the attorneys are entitled to 40 percent of the judgment as part of the retainer agreement.

Suge Knight Ordered To Pay Up
(Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

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