“Suicidal Thoughts & Hip Hop: The Symbolism To An Epidemic” by @niksofly


“Wanna know how it feels to fly. Scared of hello. I ain’t scared of goodbye”. If any words in this infectious song driven by relentless 808’s meant anything, the aforementioned do. I have been fascinated with the diamond in the ruff- August Alsina since his Youtube days. It is no secret that the Big Easy native has endured more heartache than any person should, but his latest single “FML” has solidified just how much the R&B newcomer has endured and overcame.  It is quite sad how the prospects of the future are more tormenting than the permanence of death. The blackness seems so comforting.


The video opens with a disclaimer and fades to the scene of a dual suicide. Pusha T spits the most alluring 16 bars I’ve heard in a while as he discovers himself with a gun shot wound to his occiput.  Alsina hangs from an exposed wood beam and utters his most vulnerable lyrics to date.  The symbolism from the burning of money to the outer body experience is profound. It is a brilliant video. I can not recall a time in my courtship with music that I witnessed a more prolific and captivating visual. In a time when money, cars, and whores are amidst, Alsina visits his darkest hour. Sure it isn’t the gimmicky music that society has mandated as a standard, but it is emotional and thought provoking.  It is REAL.

We often assume that with fame and new fortune, all of the problems that were once rampant will fade. The reality of it is that it does not work like that. More often problems intensify as fame and fortune increase. As a society we criticize those that show hurt or emotional vulnerability when we should take heed to those who are in pain. We force people to deal with their hurt alone and sometimes their solution is suicide.  Everyone doesn’t brush their pain off and move on. Sometimes the wound is so deep that death seems like the only pain killer.  Only in death do we offer sympathy and the “if I had known”. Had you known they were hurting, what would you have done differently? I’m tired of reading cryptic  messages blasted by media after someone chooses suicide. Nothing breaks my heart more than to log onto Facebook and see a video of someone taking their life or others. In my few years on this earth I’ve lost one too many acquaintances to this epidemic. I can relate to this video more than I can the pretentious facets of Hip Hop. It is sad, but true.


I tip my fitted to Mr. Alsina for this visual.  He transferred his pain into something astounding. You may not like his blunt persona (I do) , but you have to respect his artistry and vulnerability within his music. It is something that has been void in the industry for years.


FML : August Alsina feat. Pusha T


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