Exclusive: ‘Big George Foreman’ Star Sullivan Jones On Playing Muhammad Ali: “It’s Like Playing A Drunk Person. Anything Goes.” [Video]

The story about George Foreman is finally here and it’s a biopic that will have you going to church on Sunday morning.

Big George Foreman follows the journey of the two-time heavyweight champion who had one of the greatest comebacks of all time and the transformational power of second chances. 

According to the film’s description, Foreman channeled his anger into becoming an Olympic Gold medalist and World Heavyweight Champion, followed by a near-death experience that took him from the boxing ring to the pulpit. But when he sees his community struggling spiritually and financially, Foreman returns to the ring and makes history by reclaiming his title, becoming the oldest and most improbable World Heavyweight Boxing Champion ever.

In an interview with Baller Alert, we were able to catch up with Khris Davis, who plays Foreman in the film, who shared that the entire process was challenging. 

“There wasn’t a specific moment that was easier than others – we shot out of sequence and I had to jump timelines,” he expressed. 

“I gained a lot of weight – in five weeks, I went from 225 to 275 and the heaviest I got was 282.” 

When asked if he felt he did the role justice, he’s leaving that decision to Foreman himself. 

“I was just charged to do the most honest interpretation I could have done,” he shared. 

“Truly in his heart, I hope that he believes I did his story justice. I know when he saw it, he said he would watch the film a thousand times over, so that’s cool with me.” 

Foreman’s most talked about bout was with Muhammad Ali, who Sullivan Jones portrays, and that moment is so crucial in Foreman’s career as he lost the heavyweight championship to him in 1974 at “The Rumble In The Jungle.” 

We were able to chat with Jones, who described playing Ali as one who attempts to makes their grandmother’s cookies. 

“I call it out like making your grandmother’s cookies – everyone knows you can’t make cookies like your grandmother so you just do your best,” he said. 

“Coming into this role is like your cookies against your grandma’s cookies. I tried to come in and match the recipe while adding my own flavor to it.” 

The actor continues, sharing that playing Ali is like playing a “drunk person,” stating that “anything goes.”  

“I can move and do anything – Ali was always in the headspace to keep his opponents off balance,” he said. 

“Anything that came into my body and my mind, I just went off of impulse.” 

We were also able to chat with newlywed and Run The World star Bresha Webb, whose series is returning on May 26th for its second season. As we all are aware, one of the leading ladies, Andrea Bordeux, will not be returning this season due to refusing to comply with the COVID-19 mandates from production. 

When asked how the former star’s character’s presence, Ella, will still be felt, Webb shared she’s going to leave it to the viewers to decide. 

The Love That Girl! alum recently shared a photo of her and Jamie Foxx, who has been dealing with some medical hiccups lately. While she hasn’t been able to speak to her friend, she mentions how she continues to keep him “uplifted in prayer” and she’s been “reassured” the actor is doing well. 

Get your boxing gloves on and head to theaters today to see Big George Foreman

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