Summer Walker Faces Backlash Over HIV Comment

Summer Walker Faces Backlash Over HIV Comment; Accused of Furthering HIV Stigma

Summer Walker is back in hot water with fans, this time, for the way she responded to her laptop being stolen.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

At some point during a flight to Los Angeles, the singer’s laptop was taken by an unknown assailant. Summer took to her Instagram story to lash at the thief.

“Whoever stole my laptop off that LA flight last night can suck a fat stankin uncircumcised HIV infested d*ck,” the singer posted with a smiley face emoji.

Fans, along with HIV activists, immediately took offense to her comment, taking to social media to call out Summer.

“I’ve been living with HIV since Summer Walker was 11 years old and longer than her career will last. My immune system is stronger than her live performances. Good morning.” Activist Dana White, who is also HIV positive, tweeted.

“HIV stigma is usually not something people are interested in unlearning until the virus impacts them directly. Summer Walker’s words were offensive, yes, but also sad because 1 in 48 Black women may be diagnosed in their lifetime,” he added.

As the backlash continued, even the Centers for Disease Control spoke out about the comment, saying,” Feeling that people deserve to get HIV because of their choices, is a prime example of HIV stigma.”

In turn, Summer Walker took to her IG story once again to respond to the backlash, saying, “IDC if I’m ‘canceled’ I offend someone everyday wtf is new.”

Summer Walker on HIV Summer Walker on HIV Summer Walker on HIV Summer Walker on HIV Summer Walker on HIV

Summer Walker on HIV

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