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Summer Walker Reveals That She Is No Longer In A Relationship With Her Unborn Child’s Father: “There’s Just Certain Things I Won’t Tolerate”

Summer Walker announces she is no longer in a relationship with her unborn child’s father.

On Sunday, the songstress took to Instagram to update her fans on her relationship status. In a lengthy IG story, Summer confirms that she has separated from her now ex-boyfriend Larry while awaiting the birth of their child.

“People been trying to be in my business bad lately,” she began. “Idk why y’all need updates on my life lol like go touch grass, but I’ve decided to be single.”

She continued, “It’s no hard feelings. Larry is an amazing father, there’s just certain things I won’t tolerate, but we’re super duper happy to have all our children and we just living life. He be at every swim class, every photoshoot, every doctor’s appointment, and every baby event.”

Summer added another post and mentions other celebrity relationships, and how it’s typical to publicly see women getting cheated on.

“The only difference between me, them, and the rest of y’all is I prefer my peace and happiness so I walk away,” she wrote. “Relax with all that wow, she’s still not married. I could’ve been married to either one of my child’s fathers. It’s just certain things I won’t tolerate but NOTHING was a mistake. I wanted all my children by the age of 25 on PURPOSE and did that.”

Following the end of her relationship with producer LondonOnDaTrack, Summer began dating Larry. Shortly after the couple rekindled their flame, Summer announced that she was pregnant with her second child.

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