Super Bowl LIII Makes History With Lowest Ratings In Ten Years

It may have been a proud moment for New England Patriots, but not for CBS.

The historic game against the Los Angeles Rams captured much attention for the wrong reasons. One, being the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history thanks to the Patriots earning 13 points to the Rams’ 3. Now, it’s been reported that the game took a major hit in viewership compared to the previous decade. 

There’s more than a 5% difference from NBC’s event in 2018. It’s believed that a lot of that has to do with supporters continuing to stand (or kneel) with Colin Kaepernick following racism in the industry. Deadline reported that there wasn’t a peak on viewer charts until “near the end with a 47.3 in meters markets in the 9:30-10 OM slot.” That beat out the 2009 Super Bowl between the Steelers and Cardinals, which didn’t even bring in at least 100 million viewers.

A big chunk of support, of course, came from Boston and L.A. But New Orleans very openly snubbed the program. The animosity came from frustrations of losing against the Rams during the NFC championship game due to “missed calls.” Open boycotts carried on throughout the evening.

It’s also a blow for businesses who paid the $5 million commercial slot to get ads played during the breaks. Yikes!

Well, on a lighter note, Tom Brady has a lot to celebrate as the first NFL player to win six rings!

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