Super Bowl XLIX Groupies: Snag A Super Bowl Baller In Phoenix, AZ

Heading to Phoenix for the Super Bowl this weekend and want to know where all the Ballers are staying? Well, while the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown, Hotel Palomar and the Sheraton Downtown hotels are celeb favorites the best places to bump into a Super Bowl contender will be either the Arizona Grand Resort and the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino.

If you’re looking to snag an NFC baller, the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is the place to be. Located at 8000 S. Arizona Grand Parkway and nestled at the base of America’s largest urban park and wilderness preserve, Arizona’s only AAA Four Diamond all-suite resort features spacious one and two-bedroom suites.It will be incredibly hard to make reservations at this location so if you want to bump into a Baller, you best bet is to look into staying somewhere nearby.

If you’re looking to snag an AFC Baller then the place to be is the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. Located at 5040 Wild Horse Pass, this place is all about fun. With their own nightclub and casinos, this could easily be a go-to spot to hang out, even if you aren’t a guest — if you play your cards right.  

Now on to the snagging! 

Super Bowl is a festive time of year. Luckily because most of the team will be staying in the same hotel, the following steps should score you SOMEONE! What’s the trick you ask? Easy, I call it The Bar Tender Trick!  The hotels listed above, like most upscale hotels, are equipped with their own bar.  Since the guys will probably have a little time to play in the days/hours leading up to game day, hang out at the bar a bit. The key to this is all about presenting your package correctly. They’ll be expecting groupies so you want to dress sexy, yet not too forthcoming. Also make sure you’ve ordered a drink, but sip slow. You don’t want to look like a stumbling drunk before a Baller even knows you. The last small, but very important rule is to NOT play on your cell phone. Lock your phone away if you have to. You don’t want to appear that you are waiting on anyone, you dont want to appear that you are on Twitter or Instagram, and you don’t want to appear that you are scheming. If you plan this at the right time of evening, you’re bound to catch a Baller or two coming down to get a couple of drinks themselves. Remember ladies, where that confidence proudly! It’s the best article of clothing you have!

Social Media Hook Up –  Have your eye on a particular NFC or AFC baller? Is he single? Well let him know you’re in town and where you’ll be staying. If you’ve lucked out and can get a room at any of the luxury hotels above, send your favorite baller a DM and casually let him know. A simple “Hey, i’ve been following you for a while. Will you be attending Super Bowl Weekend in Phoenix? I’m staying at/near Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. Is that where all the action is?” Not only will it strike up a little conversation, but it’ll intrigue him that you are staying nearby. Hopefully he doesn’t read Baller Alert and finds out that we tipped you off. It’s also important to note that you should make sure your profile isn’t locked. He most likely doesn’t want to go through the hassle of following you just to see your pics & determine if you’re worth it. 

The Pre-Game Trick: As I said before, Super Bowl is a very festive time. There will be parties and events going on the entire weekend leading up to the big game. With that said, you don’t always have to meet your Baller at the hotel, motel or holiday inn. It’s a known fact that when Ballers are in town for a game, most of the time they are booked to host parties. Knowing that many Ballers can’t control themselves, they’ll probably binge on alcohol and this is when you’ll snag him! Make it a point to make eye contact with your Baller several times throughout the night. Licking your lips and batting your eyes also serve as a great way to get your point across. As soon as your Baller is out of VIP and away from the crowd, take the first chance you can get to spark conversation. In not so many words, tell him that you’d love to see how his hotel room is decorated.

So there you have it ladies! Doesn’t matter if he’s a Patriot, Seahawk or Cardinal, go out and get you a Baller!!!

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