Super Bowl XLVI Groupies: Snag A Super Bowl Baller In Indianapolis, IN

So are you planning on attending the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on February 3rd and you’re not sure where to meet a baller? I’m here to make your Baller Spotting a lot easier for you. I’m going to try to keep you updated with everything you need to know to snag a visiting team baller. Well let’s get started with the Conrad Hotel & Resorts.



The Conrad is a 4.5 star luxury a high rise building with 23 floors located on 50 W Washington St. Most hotels in Indianapolis are pretty accommodating to sports fans and will set up a roped area for fans to be able to get autographs. 

 Timing: Timing is everything. There are two very important times that you should be at the hotel if you want to catch a baller. Those time’s are 10:30pm and 3:00 am. Why? Well, games end at 9’ish, after showering and media 10:30 is the perfect time to guarantee you are in the right spot as the team’s bus pulls up. Showing up at the hotel room at 3:00am guarantees you are just in time to catch your baller pulling up from an after party. This may or may not work in your favor as he may have already found his groupie for the night at the club. You can always show up at the hotel around 2:30ish however. Check in time for The Conrad is 3pm and checkout is at 2.

The Pool Trap“: This has to be the oldest trick in the book. Every luxury hotel has a pool right? Well since you’ve made it into the hotel you have to find a reason to be there, and theres no better reason than an indoor swimming pool.

Here’s some further explanation of “The Pool Trap“. Assuming you are a Midwest Groupie with a banging body, be sure to keep your most form fitting, body flattering and fancy swimwear on hand. Complete with wet hair, fresh make-up, high heels and a towel wrapped around your body, casually walk the hallways and hotel lobby for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

After a few laps around the property, your calves may be hurting, but you’re guaranteed to catch the eye of SOMEONE with money. It may not be your baller, and he may be over the age of 60, but he’ll have money!

The Pre-Game Trick: You don’t always have to meet your Baller at the hotel, motel or holiday inn. It’s a known fact that when Ballers are in town for a game, most of the time they are booked to host parties. Knowing that many Ballers can’t control themselves, they’ll probably binge on alcohol and this is when you’ll snag him! Make it a point to make eye contact with your Baller several times throughout the night. Licking your lips and batting your eyes also serve as a great way to get your point across. As soon as your Baller is out of VIP and away from the crowd, take the first chance you can get to spark conversation. In not so many words, tell him that you’d love to see how his hotel room is decorated.


Another great place to Baller Spot is at Mr. Dan’s in Indianapolis. Mr. Dan’s is a hamburger/food spot in Naptown that is apparently open 24 hours a day and has the best food in the city. It’s also one of the main attractions after the club etc. Think of it like how Roscoe’s is to LA, Frenchie’s to Houston etc. Ballers are definitely going to stop in for a quick bite after a night of partying.

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