Supermodel Naomi Campbell Announces She’s Hosting A Masterclass For Aspiring Models

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Announces She’s Hosting A Masterclass For Aspiring Models

Naomi Campbell is finally sharing some of her tips and tricks on navigating the modeling industry with other aspiring models.

The 52-year-old supermodel recently sat down with Business of Fashion, where she announced that she’s hosting a modeling masterclass.

According to the publication, Campbell’s class will “focus on basics like how to pose and develop a signature walk as well as offer tips on how to find an agent and handle contracts.”

“In the early part of my career, I had no idea how to pose,” Campbell says. “I took my dance background and incorporated it into posing. That’s how I tried to fake it to make it so as to speak.”

In addition, the class will dive into Campbell’s journey as a black supermodel. It will also touch on “her efforts to help the industry become more inclusive.”

“Even with me till this day, I’m tested [as a Black model],” Campbell said. “Nothing’s surprises me anymore. I’ll put it that way … I always worry that if I get [treated like] that then what are the younger generation of models getting?”

The “empowerment” class will also focus on breaking down the assumptions of the industry being an “untouchable, glamorous fantasy.” Nevertheless, Campbell encourages people who don’t necessarily fit the typical standards to participate.

“You don’t have to be a model to watch it or understand,” she added. “It could just be for self esteem, to make you feel good about yourself, and, obviously because it’s me it’s diverse.”

Fans who are interested in watching the series can sign up for the Masterclass platform for $14 a month.

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