Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

All year, people have protested against various political, economic, social, and civil rights issues. Americans have struggled for nine months to survive both physically and financially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The one-time economic relief stimulus did little to lighten the load or boost the economy when many were unemployed or already struggling to stay afloat. Still, basic necessities were needed, and the use of e-commerce and delivery services increased. In a time of catastrophic tragedy and economic uncertainty, one the became clear; the rich only got richer.

As unemployment numbers rise across the country, Jeff Bezos is projected to become a trillionaire. Did you realize that instead of complaining about the one percent or waiting on the government to take action, you have the power to help redistribute wealth? Yes, you. We are indeed seeing and feeling the effects of late-stage capitalism, but as a consumer, you have options.

For thousands of households across the nation, Christmas will look a lot different this year. Instead of spending what money you have with the large retailers, consider shopping local and with small businesses. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, browse the sales on Etsy or the countless social media pages of entrepreneurs trying to get you to notice their work.  Everything you could be in the market to buy can be found outside of Walmart, Target, and Amazon. There’s a wide variety of product offerings available from smaller businesses that are sure to rival the generic items found in stores. Artwork, clothing, toys, skincare, jewelry, luxury items, personalized gifts, and more are available.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or love a good Black Friday sale, make it a point to buy something from a local or small business. Then, continue the practice all year long.

Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

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