Saweetie Admits She Believed Quavo Was Her "Soulmate"
Saweetie and Quavo (Selfie)

Surveillance Footage Shows Saweetie And Quavo Getting Into Physical Altercation In Elevator

Video footage shows Migos rapper Quavo and Saweetie getting into a physical altercation in an elevator before their breakup.

Saweetie, 27, and Quavo, 29, recently officially called it quits after being together for a little over two years. And now, surveillance footage obtained by TMZ has been released, and it shows the former couple getting into a physical fallout in an elevator at an apartment complex in North Hollywood.

The video starts with the two standing outside the elevator, and Saweetie starts throwing punches at the Atlanta rapper. Quavo dodges the punch and drops an orange Call of Duty case. Saweetie can then be seen trying to pick it up. The two both attempt to get the case, but Quavo loses balance, falling onto Saweetie.

Throughout the rest of the video, Saweetie can be seen sitting on the floor as Quavo looks down at her and glances at the elevator camera. The elevator door then opens, showing a man standing outside of it. Quavo takes the case and places it in the middle of the elevator doors to stop them from closing.

According to TMZ, both parties said the incident happened back in 2020 at an apartment building that Saweetie was renting. The two broke off their relationship last week, with Saweetie claiming Quavo cheated on her. However, he says infidelity never happened in the relationship.



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