Survivor Says Ghislaine Maxwell Raped Her “20 To 30 Times” Starting When She Was 14

A woman who says she was raped by British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell “20 to 30 times” is willing to testify against her.

Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, was recently arrested for her alleged involvement in a decades-long sex trafficking ring that consisted primarily of teens and young women, run by her ex-boyfriend and convicted sex offender #JeffreyEpstein. According to Fox News, Maxwell was arrested on federal charges for facilitating and participating in sexual abuse acts with minors.

Now, one of her alleged victims is speaking out, claiming Maxwell raped her “20 to 30 times” starting when she was 14. During an interview with Fox, the woman, who requested to remain anonymous, said Maxwell’s abuse began in 1991 in Florida. The survivor says the violence didn’t stop until she was 16. “She did rape me. I would say it’s more than 20 or 30 times,” she said. “She is just as evil as Jeffrey Epstein … She is a rapist.”

The only reason the abuse stopped the woman says was that she became pregnant, according to her statement with Fox. She says she had an abortion. “I had never been with anyone except for him [Epstein]. The fact that I had to kill my child really affected me and my family,” said the woman, who has decided to comment under the name Jane Doe. She is also a part of the lawsuit against Epstein that was filed over a year ago now.

In addition, Jane Doe also says that she was “gang raped” by Maxwell and others as “punishment” for threatening to speak with authorities, according to The Daily Mail. She says she was dropped off wearing completely nothing in front of her grandparents’ home by a man who allegedly had a gun and told her that she wouldn’t “come back alive” next time.

However, Maxwell denies that she was involved in any way in the sex trafficking ring. Maxwell allegedly went into hiding following Epstein’s alleged suicide. Police arrested Maxwell on Thursday. The outlet reports that Maxwell has moved several times over the last eight months and was arrested in a Bradford, New Hampshire house that she paid for with cash.

Maxwell and Epstein
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