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Suspect Charged In Connection To The Murders of Toya Wright’s Brothers

Toya Wright and her family are closer to justice now that one man has been arrested and charged in connection to the murders of her brothers, Joshua and Ryan “Rudy” Johnson.

Rudy and Josh were shot to death in New Orleans last summer. On March 9, police arrested 31-year-old Antoine Edwards for his involvement in the crime. He was charged with two counts of second-degree murder and his bond was set at $500,000. Edwards is due back in court on May 7.

Multiple tipsters led to the arrest of Edwards. According to a sworn affidavit by NOPD, the tipsters told investigators that a man known as “Toine” or “Tweezy” was responsible for the killings and on at least one occasion, admitted his involvement. Several witnesses also picked Edwards’ photo from a lineup.

According to the warrant, Edwards was “in the area during the time the incident occurred and as the subject who produced a firearm and shot the victims in this incident.”

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