Suspect Poops In Oklahoma Grocery Store Freezer, Customer Touches It Picking Up Groceries

A man reportedly defecated inside an Oklahoma grocery store freezer Sunday night. A customer unknowingly stuck her hand in it while reaching for groceries. 

Shirley Wright-Johnson was shopping at Crest with her children when she reached for a bag of pizza rolls. She said she felt something smushy on the bag and discovered it was human feces. 

“I was upset, I was disgusted, I feel like I was violated,” she told KFOR.

Wright-Johnson told her that the bag she picked up had been placed on top of the excrement to cover it. She alerted store employees to the disturbing discovery and then washed her hands. 

“I bleached my hand, I disinfected my hand,” Wright-Johnson said. She told the outlet that her children complained of the smell the whole ride home. 

Surveillance video captured the perpetrator who pooped in the freezer. He left immediately after the act. Police said the man was additionally seen taking pictures of women in the store. 

Oklahoma News 4 reports that the suspect has been apprehended as of Wednesday, but no other information was released. 

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