Suspended Browns Receiver Josh Gordon Says Baylor Football Coaches Helped Him Pass Drug Tests

The football program at Baylor University is no stranger to controversy. From sexual assault allegations to their culture of “bad behavior”, the program just doesn’t seem to “get it.” Most recently, former Baylor University football player, Josh Gordon, admitted that his football coaches helped him beat a drug testing system in college. The now suspended Cleveland Browns star said that he was given bottles of detox from those coaches to help “clean his system.”


Interestingly enough, rather than helping Gordon through his drug related issues, his alma mater seemed to have fostered his addiction. By helping him “cheat the system,” they were simultaneously teaching Gordon that doing drugs is okay as long as you can still play football and most importantly, don’t get caught.


In a mini-documentary for “Uninterrupted,” Gordon opened up about his drug issues for the first time, saying he’s experimented with Xanax, cocaine, weed and codeine. Rather than being taught not to use drugs altogether, he mentioned that he was first taught how to pass those drug tests after being suspended for weed in 2010. The football player (who is only 26) had completed 70 days of his rehab stint at the time that the documentary was filmed. “That was my first experience with, like, getting over on the system and the authority not really being serious because it was kind of being guided by someone who was employed by the university,” Gordon explained.


Gordon also mentioned that he actually failed another drug test the following year after he ran out of those detox drinks given to him from his college coaches.


Since then, the school has released a statement, saying, “Josh Gordon was a football student-athlete from 2009 until 2011 at which time he was suspended indefinitely and ultimately left the program. None of the football staff from this timeframe are currently employed by Baylor. As such, we decline to comment further.”

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