Suspicious Coronavirus Text Leads Police To A Florida Man Who Allegedly Murdered His Wife

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On March 23rd, Gretchen Anthony’s family and friends received a suspicious text from her saying she had COVID-19 and was being held by the CDC. On the 24th, “Gretchen” described her case as “acute” and explained that she was being transported from Jupiter Medical Center to a “CDC approved task force in Belle Glade.”

According to Palm Beach Post, the center does not exist. When an officer went to Jupiter Medical Center, it was discovered Gretchen was never admitted. Her Mini Cooper, however, was found in the parking lot.

On March 26th, Gretchen, 51, was reported missing. She was last seen on March 20th. Her disappearance comes weeks after filing for divorce from her husband.

Estranged husband, David Anthony, 43, is the prime suspect in the investigation. When police arrived at Gretchen’s residence, a neighbor asked if they were investigating “the attack that occurred Saturday morning,” March 21.

The neighbor heard a “blood-curdling scream” around 6 a.m. coming from Gretchen’s patio.

According to People, when the police searched Gretchen’s home, “they found towels with ‘a reddish substance on them that appeared to be blood’ in the washing machine.” Palm Beach Post reported a fresh bleach stain was also found on the floor of the garage.

In a news release, police said, “As the investigation progressed and further evidence collected, it is believed David E. Anthony is responsible for her disappearance and related homicide which was determined to have occurred on March 21, 2020.”

David was located and detained 1,900 miles away in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is unclear what led the police to him. Fox News reported, he was planning to flee to South America.

Man Murders Wife
David Anthony, Gretchen Anthony
Credit: Jupiter Police Department

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