Saweetie Tells Women To Throw Their Men “Back To The Streets” If He Can’t Buy Them A Birkin

Saweetie caused an uproar last night after a video posted to social media showed her encouraging other women to send their men “back to the streets” if he can’t buy Birkin bags.

The “Tap In” rapper appeared with her boyfriend Quavo on Instagram live and told fans, “If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n—a back to the streets,” before flipping her hair and walking out of the shot.

The gospel, according to Saweetie, seemed to cause debates on Twitter, with arguments ranging from whether her expensive advice translated to real women to whether or not the Hermès handbags are overpriced and overrated in the first place.

One practical Twitter user suggested that there were better ways to use $20,000 instead of buying a purse. “I’d rather pay off her student loans than spend $20k+ on a Birkin bag,” he wrote.

Another challenged women to get their own bags. “But can YOU buy YOU a Birkin? Can YOU afford the lifestyle you are trying to live? Are you looking for a sponsor or a partner?…” the poster wrote.

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