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Swizz Beats Attacks Drake On IG Live and Apologizes; Now Drake’s Crew Wants Beef

Swizz Beats is apologizing for dragging Drake during an Instagram live with Busta Rhymes.

Did Swizz Beats have some Swizz Beef with Drake? This past weekend, the hit-making producer hosted another episode of his “Zone Radio” show, this time with Buss as his guest. During the live, Swizz played some new music from Busta and, throughout the live, threw a few jabs at the Canadian rapper. “P***y boy,” the music producer can be heard calling Drake in the video, referring to one of the tracks Busta has with Drake. After a few comments from people wondering where Swizz’s hostility was coming from, Busta cut in to ask Swizz why he was taking shots at Drizzy. But, Swizz says he was actually being nice.

The issue seems to stem from Drake approaching Busta for a song, which they apparently recorded, but Drake decided against it being released. Swizz went on to explain that there is no beef between the two because if there was, Swizz says he would shoot Drake’s plane out of the sky. “Because at the end of the day, n***as is pussy for real. What’s up? Pop off. Let’s go,” said Swizz in the video. After some time and a bit of backlash online, Swizz took to Instagram and explained his feelings about Drake from his live with Busta. The producer said he “was in the wrong space.”


“I want to address my actions on Zone Radio last night, man. Mainly cause I was in the wrong space, I was in the wrong energy. And I hate that my kids and other people got to see me be on that side. I was a little nice, a little excited. You know I definitely spoke on some things that I definitely shouldn’t have spoke on. Although I might feel a certain way about a certain person and different things like that, as a G, I’m man enough to say that I did that on the wrong platform.”

The apology didn’t quite satisfy Drake’s entourage, which includes his good friend Chubbs, who posted about the drama on Instagram. “We don’t need no apology. It’s clear you’d don’t act like us, so act that same way when you see us. Pu**y,” said Chubbs on his InstaStories. Drake hasn’t chimed in, but his other friend #TVGucci also went to Instagram to tell Swizz that they intend to see the producer soon.

Drake and Swizz
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