Exclusive: Swizz Beatz Responds To Lil Wayne and 50 Cent VERZUZ Battle Discourse [Video]

Exclusive: Swizz Beatz Responds To Lil Wayne and 50 Cent VERZUZ Battle Discourse [Video]

Will Bumpy Johnson live to fight another day? Godfather Of Harlem is set to wrap its third season this Sunday (March 26th), and if you thought these nine episodes were wild, you have no idea what to expect for the season finale. 

The best part about the series, outside the outstanding acting, is the music, and you have Swizz Beatz to thank for that as he serves as the Executive Music Producer for the series. 

Baller Alert was invited to attend an early screening of the final episode with the cast and crew at the Grammy Academy Museum. We chatted with the superproducer, who is already focused on what season four may look like. 

“It’s showtime – we’re already in season four mentality,” the producer shared. 

“This season was very educational, as were the other seasons, and [Godfather Of Harlem] is a masterclass. This has been a dire, educational process musically from the street level to Malcolm X and the other characters – the show is giving you a front-row seat to some real sh*t. It’s like being a part of a movie; the audience will feel like they are in a movie, too.” 

The show also pushed the New York native to be more versatile musically for this season. 

“Season three, I had to add more Latin influence due to the storyline, and it was a big challenge, but an honor for me to do,” he said. 

“The way I will elevate the music for next season, as I’ve done for every season, is to know the direction we’re going in, and I’ll disrupt.” 

The key to great music comes from chemistry, with the producer and artist relationship being very crucial to making an ultimate hit. Understanding that, the 44-year-old shared with Baller Alert which newer artist he would love to work with and make some magic with for their next project. 

“I’ll choose my bro, Lil Durk, because I love what he raps about and how he’s going through it simultaneously,” he said. 

“When I was working with DMX, I heard in Durk’s music the situations he was going through in his lyrics – artists like Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, and Durk; there’s so many of them. They, sometimes, overly live through what they saying. I don’t think we should live on the streets just to get back in the streets. Ruff Ryders started in the streets, but we began music to escape the streets, so I commend all young artists for being smart and understanding the streets are the streets, but the business is business. Let’s not make millions to get deeper in the streets – let’s make millions to feed our families and educate our lost ones or young ones in the streets. That should be our duty and our job.” 

On Wednesday, a viral clip hit the internet with Apple Music host Lowkey sharing his thoughts on a hypothetical VERZUZ matchup between Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, ultimately choosing 50 Cent, claiming the Young Money rapper doesn’t have an album like Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, claiming Wayne would have a “long night” ahead of him challenging the Power star. 

When asked about his thoughts on this, the ‘Money In The Bank’ rapper shared he wouldn’t even have them go head-to-head. 

“Me personally, I wouldn’t even do 50 vs. Wayne – they two different dynamics and two different artists,” he expressed. 

“I would do a different VERZUZ for both of them, but we’ll see as we have a lot of things lined up for Verzuz, and hopefully, they are involved. While I can’t give up who I would choose to go against them, just wait and see.” 

When asked when the fans expect the VERZUZ series to return, he said “ASAP,” and the under-construction sign is about to be “taken off the glass.” 

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