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Tboz talks Left Eye

T-Boz Talks New CBD Wellness Line, Her 50th Birthday & What A Psychic Revealed To Her About Left Eye

Recently, TLC’s alto singer, T-Boz, sat down with HipHopDX to discuss recent events and reminisce on her 20 years in the music game. She also shared some interesting details from unlikely sources.

The singer sat down with the media outlet to discuss her new CBD wellness line, TLCBD, her 50th birthday and what a psychic revealed to her about the late TLC group member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

According to T-Boz, the late rapper/friend has been watching over her children and is constantly in the celebrity’s aura. T-Bos admitted that she was spooked at first, saying, “No, I don’t want to talk to anybody who’s passed away, because that’s spooky.”

But, apparently, the psychic “knew” details that only her or Lopez could verify.

“They tell me that she watches over my kids, but the stuff they’ve told me, there is no way they would know it! Only me and Lisa would know that stuff,” The 90’s star quoted.

Elsewhere, T-Boz opened up about her upcoming birthday. ”I’m making it to a half-century,” the star said, “Celebrating 50, for me, is a super blessing being that I was told I wouldn’t live past 30. I used to always wonder why I got through things, like, why I lived and why my cousin died, and why we had the same disease. I used to wonder why I’m here and what my purpose was. Then, not so long ago, maybe the last seven to eight years, I figured my purpose here was to help people, whether it’s through music or through sharing my testimony and being a ray of hope for someone.”

She will celebrate her 50th birthday, April 26.

Tboz talks Left Eye

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