T.I. and Comedian Lauren Knight Squash Beef

T.I. and Comedian Lauren Knight Squash Beef

T.I. and Lauren Knight have come together, again, this time ending their beef that spiraled out of control. The two fell out after Lauren mentioned the rapper’s legal woes with his wife, Tiny, amid sexual assault allegations.

“After speaking to Lauren, what she said was, we was both lit and we dealt with it that night and I left it there, as I felt the same way,” the rapper said. “So at the end of the day, ain’t nothing now we can do once you sold all the tickets to the rivalry. Ain’t nothing else to sell but the reunion,” T.I. said on Instagram.

Lauren then jokes that she never got her $1 million since she proved that the rapper did call her a “b*tch.”

“I appreciate T.I., aka Clifford, so much,” Knight said. “I appreciate him so much for taking this moment. No, he did not pay me. I never got $1 million,” Knight said.

T.I. tells Lauren, “Everytime something bad happens, there’s an incredible opportunity for something good to happen… I ain’t go nothing but love and respect for you, and I think you have an incredible amount of integrity and I think you handled yourself with integrity in this moment, and I think it’s an incredible opportunity for us to be an example for other people who have discrepancies.”

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