T.I. Scores Minor Win In Lawsuit Against Woman Who Claimed He Held Her At Gunpoint

T.I. Scores Minor Win In Lawsuit Against Woman Who Claimed He Held Her At Gunpoint

Thanks to a California judge, T.I.’s protracted legal battle against Sabrina Peterson, his wife’s former friend who claimed in a 2021 lawsuit that the rapper harassed her and held her at gunpoint, appears to be coming to an end.

On Monday, a court of appeals dismissed several allegations in Sabrina Peterson’s case against T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris, according to Law360.

Court documents show that Peterson’s claims for trade libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deliberate and negligent interference with prospective economic gain were all rejected by California’s Second District Court of Appeal.

Soon after the lawsuit was filed, T.I. and his wife submitted a motion to dismiss Peterson’s claim. This was done in accordance with the free speech protecting anti-SLAPP law of California.

Initially, the couple’s motion was denied, but the appeals court finally supported them.

Although Peterson’s case hasn’t been entirely dismissed. She is responsible for paying the couple’s “fees and costs incurred both in the trial court and on appeal in moving to strike the claims on which they prevailed.”

Andrew B. Brettler, the lawyer for T.I. and Tiny, told Law360 he was “generally pleased with the decision.” He expressed certainty that he would disprove Peterson’s allegations of defamation and privacy invasion against his clients.


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