T-Mobile to Pay Nearly $20 Million Following Nationwide Outage That Resulted in Thousands of Failed 9-1-1 Calls

T-Mobile has been ordered to pay $20 million after people were unable to make calls emergency 9-1-1 calls.

Back in June 2020, a 12-hour outage at the phone company led to a slew of failed 9-1-1 calls. NBC Chicago reports there was a “complete failure” of more than 23,000 police calls due to the outage.

Some calls made it through. However, they were missing vital information like callback numbers and details about the location of the caller. The outage was reportedly in part due to routing and software errors in T-Mobile’s network, NBC Chicago reports.

As part of the settlement with the Federal Communications Commission, T-Mobile will have to pay a whopping $19.5 million. The company also said it promises to improve communications of outages to emergency call centers. This is the second time T-Mobile customers have experienced an outage. The company was fined $17.5 million have two nationwide outages happened on the same day in August 2014.

T-Mobile stated that the June 2020 incident was a “short-term isolated outage, and we immediately took steps to further enhance our network to prevent this type of event from happening in the future.”

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  1. This happened to me back in August 2021.. my call on my screen appeared to be calling but the call was nvr made & it froze my phone. I had to Manuel restart and try again and still nothing. After about 5 attempts to call 911 and having to restart my phone each time while I had a physco on my tail road raging, I luckily happen to see an officer and approached him.

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