T.O. Dropped From The Seattle Seahawks

Terrell Owens took to his Twitter account Sunday to announce his departure from the Seattle Seahawks. It was originally reported earlier this month that he signed on for one season. Looks like it didn’t even last that long. After playing only 2 pre-season games T.O. was told his services were no longer needed.

NFL Teams have to reduce their roster from 90 players to 75 and it looks like T.O. just didn’t make the cut.  “I’m no longer a Seahawk,” Terrell tweeted, “I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.” Owens hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010 and had a very brief stint with the Allen Wranglers indoor football league. Now that T.O. is unemployed once again, I wonder how he’ll pay that child support.  

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