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Guess Who's Back? Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Wings Are Returning
Making a return to Taco Bell’s menu lineup are Crispy Chicken Wings – coated in Mexican Queso seasoning, crisped to perfection, and pairs perfectly with your favorite game day dipping sauce.

Guess Who’s Back? Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Wings Are Returning

Taco Bell chicken wings are back from the dead after a brief rise and fall last year.

This odd menu item appeared in early 2022, with its meme-worthy debut making it a viral sensation. Many people couldn’t believe the Mexican staple was introducing fried chicken and flocked to try the bone-in, queso-seasoned wings. While they had a good run, after a week or two, they began to disappear quietly from Taco Bell locations. 

For this new batch of wings, Taco Bell is rolling out a feature on its app that shows which locations are selling them. They are also combining this fast food cuisine with its famous Mexican Pizza. For 22 bucks, customers can get their hands on the “Ultimate GameDay Box,” which includes one pizza, four crunchy tacos, and eight wings served with spicy ranch dipping sauce. Considering the rising costs of food, that’s a pretty good deal. Even better, the box can be tweaked to include the Cheesy Jalapeño or Triple Crunch Mexican Pizzas.

Anyone who never got the opportunity to try these during their initial run will now have another shot, but you must act fast. This time around, they are only available starting on January 26th, with the last day to grab a pack being February 9th. An eight-pack of wings will run you just $6.99. 


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