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Trump Fans Plan Virtual Second Inauguration For January 20th


More than 300,000 Donald Trump fans have responded to a virtual “second inauguration” that is scheduled to take place on January 20, the same day Joe Biden will be sworn in as president.  Ilir Chami and Evi Kokalari organized the Facebook event, which describes the event as “a grassroots collection …

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Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Gives Tigray Forces 72 Hours To Surrender; 200,000 Refugees Expected In Sudan

Ethiopia’s prime minister gives Tigray forces 72 hours to surrender as the country’s government troops move toward the capital, Mekelle.  For those who may not know: there’s a huge conflict happening between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the regional party, and Ethiopia’s central government. Things erupted after Ethiopian Prime …

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