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Amazon Announces Half-Yearly Prescriptions Deal Starting At $6

Amazon Pharmacy is offering half-yearly prescriptions starting at $6.  On Tuesday, Amazon announced it would be offering users the ability to pay $1 a month for select medications, including diabetes and blood pressure medication. On top of that, prime members would receive additional savings when they pay without insurance. They will …

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Amazon To Stop Testing Most Job Applicants For Marijuana

Amazon Prime Members May Be Getting Free Cell Phone Services

Amazon announced that the company would no longer screen most job candidates for marijuana use, opting to treat cannabis the same as alcohol. Marijuana will no longer be included in their comprehensive drug screening program for positions that the Department of Transportation does not regulate. Amazon will continue to do …

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Jeff Bezos Will Be Stepping Down As Amazon CEO July 5

Jeff Bezos stepping down

Jeff Bezos is going to formally step down as the CEO of Amazon in July. During a company annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, Bezos announced that he would be leaving his role as chief executive on July 5. The role will be passed to Andy Jassy, who currently manages Amazon …

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Palm Scan Feature Will Allow Whole Food Customers To Pay For Food

Whole Foods

Whew, this technology is getting cool but scary, depending on who you ask. On Wednesday, Whole Foods announced that its parent company Amazon would implement its palm-scanning technology, giving customers the ability to pay in checkout lines. The feature will launch in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the New York Post …

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