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Donald Trump Administration Tries To Discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci Surrounding the Coronavirus; Claims He Has “Been Wrong On Things”

Trump n Fauci

Donald Trump’s administration is trying to discredit physician and immunologist Dr. #AnthonyFauci surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci is the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, and he’s been put in charge to handle the coronavirus crisis. There are currently 60,000 new cases occurring every day, and over the weekend, Trump tried …

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Ohio Man Who Condemned Stay-At-Home Orders Dies Of Coronavirus

Man Dies From Coronavirus

An Ohio man who slammed coronavirus lockdown measures on social media has passed away from the virus. Screenshots of 60-year-old John W. McDaniel Facebook posts have now gone viral on the web just days after he died of coronavirus on April 15th. In the posts, McDaniel referred to social distancing …

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Donald Trump Promotes Hydroxychloroquine As A Drug To Combat COVID-19 Despite Expert Opinion- ”What do I know? I’m not a doctor, but I have common sense”

Trump Talks Coronavirus

On Sunday, Trump promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine as the possible means to stop or possibly prevent the symptoms from the coronavirus. However, Trump’s remarks continue to put him at odds with the U.S top health experts. Trump informed the public that the federal government has a stockpile of roughly …

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