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He’s Fed Up: Six Reasons Your Man Left You

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We told you the signs to look for when your girl is fed up but what about your man? Here are six reasons your man is fed up and is probably about to leave. 1. You Argue Too Much Watch your man, and then you should watch ya mouth. …

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Cardi B Candidly Talks About Her Decision to Stay with Offset: “It’s Not Right What He F****** Did, But People Don’t Know What I Did, ‘Cause I Ain’t No Angel”

– blogged by: @ashleytearra One thing about #CardiB, she doesn’t hesitate to get things off of her chest and give us the real. The Bronx native recently sat down with Cosmopolitan, and she set the record straight—once and for all, on why she chooses to stay true to herself, her …

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