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Donald Trump And Friends Get Scarce COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

Donald Trump on Stimulus

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and Rudy Giuliani received limited COVID-19 antibody treatments that hospitals are distributing through a lottery system. “If it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have been put in a hospital, frankly,” Giuliani said. “Sometimes, when you’re a celebrity, they’re …

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Ben Carson Reveals He Was ‘Desperately Ill’ With Coronavirus

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson posted to Facebook that he has been “desperately ill” with coronavirus on Friday. But, thanks to top-notch medical care, he is “out of the woods at this point.” Carson initially, who suffers from “several co-morbidities,” displayed only mild symptoms before getting sicker. …

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson Tests Positive For Coronavirus

On Monday, a spokesman told CNBC that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson has tested positive for coronavirus. Dr. Carson, 69, tested positive less than a week after it was announced that President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, tested positive for the virus. Bloomberg first reported Meadows’ diagnosis on Friday. On the …

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Ben Carson Says Poverty is a “State of Mind”

Did you know that your financial state is all in your head? Thanks to Ben Carson, we now have all the answers On Wednesday, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary made headlines for his comments about poverty, claiming “the wrong mindset” contributes to deficiency. Despite systemic obstacles and the fact …

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Donald Trump Appoints Ben Carson to Lead HUD, Trump Supporters Commend The Decision Thinking Carson Lived in Public Housing

President-elect Donald Trump is securing his cabinet for his forthcoming presidency, among those appointed is none other than Trump’s former competitor during the Republican primary, Ben Carson. Carson, who after ending his own presidential submission offered Trump an early endorsement, has been chosen to head the Department of Housing and …

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Adviser Says Ben Carson Stands by Trump Amid Audio Leak: “Is The Kind of Language That We Hear in Rap Music”

Trump selfie with fan

  Over the weekend, an audio recording capturing a conversation between #Republican presidential nominee, #DonaldTrump and #BillyBush leaked, where Trump used graphic language to express how easy it was for someone like him to seduce women. Since the lewd conversation, reeking of sexism and misogyny surfaced, several prominent Republicans have withdrawn their …

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