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Beyoncé Pens Letter To Nelson Mandela Ahead of His Centennial Year Celebration: “You Made It Possible For So Many People Like Me To Reject Impossibilities”

On Wednesday, a South African newspaper published a letter written by Beyoncé, which was addressed to the late, great revolutionary and political leader, Nelson Mandela. In the letter, titled, “Dear Mabida by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,” the Queen expressed her admiration for the former President of South Africa, opened up about the …

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Beyoncé Takes Full Control Of Ivy Park Brand After Cutting Ties With Business Partner Philip Green Amidst Sexual Harassment Allegations

Beyoncé’s entertainment company, Parkwood Entertainment, bought out British retailer Arcadia Group Ltd  and is now the sole owner of the Ivy Park fashion brand. The buy out is due to Arcadia chairman, Philip Green, currently being under investigation for sexual harassment, bullying and racial abuse towards his staff. Ivy Park said …

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#BlameBeckyNotBey: Twitter Blames Beyoncé For Beto O’Rourke’s Loss For Texas Senate Seat; Voter Demographics Show Over 50 Percent Of White Women Voted For Ted Cruz

Beyonce’s tardiness to the Beto O’Rourke endorsement party is being pinned as the reason for the Democrat’s loss to Sen. Ted Cruz. The Houston native dropped a picture on Instagram announcing her support for beloved former Democratic Senatorial candidate Beto on the day of the Midterms Election. In her post, …

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