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FBI Accused Of Conducting “Fake” Brett Kavanaugh Background Check

Brett Kavanaugh

The FBI is under fire for possibly producing a “fake” 2018 background check of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Sheldon Whitehouse, a former prosecutor, turned Democratic senator who now serves on the judiciary committee, is asking attorney general Merrick Garland to coordinate “proper oversight” by the Senate to examine how …

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Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Confirmed To The Supreme Court

The Senate has confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Following a hearing and FBI investigation into several sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh from various witnesses, the former Republican Supreme Court nominee has solidified his lifelong position as Supreme Court Justice.  On Saturday (Oct. 6), the Senate came to …

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Lady Gaga Slams Trump for Mocking Dr. Ford’s Testimony, Praises Dr. Ford For Being Brave Enough To Share Her Story to  “Protect The Country”

As the MeToo movement continues to encourage victims of sexual assault and misconduct to speak out against their accusers, many have expressed their disapproval with the victims’ disclosures, including Donald Trump.  In fact, the Celebrity-in-Chief recently went as far as to mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – the professor who …

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