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Quarantined in Costa Rica: The Longest Third Date Ever

Quarantine Costa Rica

Can you imagine being quarantined abroad for 79 days on your 3rd date with someone you just met?! @moviematt305 faced this reality with his date, Khani, as their five-day fling to Costa Rica turned into nearly THREE MONTHS stuck together after the coronavirus lead to cancelled flights, closed hotels and …

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Tainted Alcohol Raises Costa Rica Tourists Death Toll To 25

Costa Rica Tainted Alcohol

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry has revealed the death toll has increased to 25, with 59 others affected by tainted alcohol in the country. According to a press release on the agency’s website, 19 men and six women between the ages of 32 and 72 have died since June. The health ministry said it …

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At Least 19 People Have Died Due To Tainted Alcohol In Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

About 19 people have died in Costa Rica after drinking methanol-tainted alcohol. Last week, the country’s health ministry announced the news. Methyl alcohol or methanol is often used in antifreeze, solvents and other industrial chemicals, Insider reports. The site explains the chemical is more hazardous than regular adult beverages that …

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