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Biden Administration To Send COVID-19 Vaccines To Retail Pharmacies

Dr. Fauci Says The COVID-19 Shot Will Likely Become A Yearly Vaccination Just Like The Flu Shot

The Biden administration will begin distributing COVID-19 vaccines directly to retail pharmacies as early as next week. The administration will announce Tuesday, which will detail its plan to provide a limited supply of vaccines to pharmacies throughout the country to meet the growing demand for the vaccine and speed up …

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Oklahoma Wants To Return $2 Million Worth Of Hydroxychloroquine

Oklahoma is looking to return a $2 million supply of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine purchased as a treatment for COVID-19. The large quantity of the drug was purchased after former President Donald Trump promoted it as a reliable remedy to combat COVID-19, despite clinical trials showing that the pill was nearly …

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Florida Governor Will Not Prioritize Teachers For COVID-19 Vaccine

Ron Desantis

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that teachers and other school staff members would not be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination. “Not at this time,” DeSantis confirmed during his press conference at an Orlando Health hospital in Seminole County when asked if educators would be amongst some of the …

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NYC Healthcare Provider Gives Non-High-Risk Citizens COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna Pushes For Authorization of COVID Vaccine For Children 6 and Under

New York City clinics are being investigated for administering the COVID-19 vaccines early to non-high-risk citizens. ParCare, the healthcare network at the center of the investigation, provides many medical services, including primary and internal care to six New York City locations. The network, which services a large portion of the …

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Congress Passes $2.3 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill

Stimulus Payments

Congress has passed a $2.3 trillion package that will provide COVID-19 relief to those struggling during the pandemic and a large amount of funding to the government. The package, which the Senate voted 92-6 on, includes $1.4 trillion in government funding and $900 billion in coronavirus relief. This is the …

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Details of a $908 Billion Pandemic Relief Package Released

Bipartisan negotiators plan to unveil more specifics of their proposal on Monday on a $908 billion pandemic relief package, hoping to agree on wording that can appease enough Republicans and Democrats to ensure passage of one final tranche of Covid-19 aid before Congress breaks for the year. The outline of …

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