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President Biden Orders More U.S. Intelligence Probing Into COVID-19 Origin

Biden Uses Clemency Powers For the First Time to Pardon 3 and Commute Sentences for 75

President Joe Biden is ordering more intel investigation into the origin of COVID-19. On Wednesday, Biden ordered U.S. intelligence officials to strengthen their efforts to investigate where the virus originated, including any possibility that COVID-19 may have been manufactured inside a Chinese laboratory. The Biden administration is joining worldwide scrutiny …

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CDC Report Finds That Double Masking Reduces COVID-19 Exposure

CDC Recommends Masks Again After a Spike in COVID Cases

Wearing two masks can protect you against COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  “We know that universal masking works,” John T. Brooks, CDC’s medical officer for COVID-19 response. “And now these variants are circulating…whatever we can do to improve the fit of mask to make it …

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