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28 Family Members Contract Coronavirus, Father Dies

28 People Get Coronavirus

Written by: @kristenshylin_ A 60-year-old man, Vidal Garay, died the day before Father’s Day ahead of a celebration with his family, according to The Central Valley Business Journal. Vidal’s wife, Norma Garay, said she wished it was all a bad nightmare as she described the loss of her partner. Norma’s …

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CDC Expands Guidelines on Americans At Risk Of Severe COVID-19

CDC Headquarters

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention widened its warnings regarding individuals who are at risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19, claiming that younger people who are obese or live with other health conditions can become seriously ill if contracted. The agency hopes to influence the …

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Coronavirus Numbers Spike In Multiple States Over The Weekend

coronavirus surges

There were large spikes in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations this weekend in multiple states. Oklahoma, California, Mississippi, South, and Florida are among the states that saw a surge in COVID-19 cases since easing up on stay-at-home orders. On Sunday, Oklahoma saw a record jump of 78 cases, bringing the state’s …

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AMC Reverses Decision; Will Require Patrons to Wear Mask


Well, this may be the quickest reversal decision of 2020.   In a Thursday report by Variety, the world’s largest movie chain of theaters, AMC said it would not require patrons to wear masks after next month’s reopening, but as of Friday, that has quickly changed. Seeing that we are …

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The United States Is Officially In A Recession


Despite recent tweets from Donald Trump about the economy, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the United States has officially been in an economic recession since February. While critics argue that a recession is based on two consecutive months of economic decline, the NBER, which serves as the …

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Justice Department Drops Insider Trading Investigation Of Three Senators

Justice Department

Three of the four senators under investigation for insider trading have had their charges dismissed by the Justice Department on Tuesday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Defense attorneys for Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., and James Inhofe R-Okla. were alerted by prosecutors that the investigation into their trading …

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